Over the years, we have restored many pianos.  Sometimes, we document them with photos while the work is in progress.  The pictures shown on this site are a cross-section of the kind of jobs we tackle.  Some are more involved or more difficult than others, but all receive great attention to detail. 

We have also done many rebuilds and partial rebuilds for other area technicians. In these instances, we can only provide pictures of our contribution to the restoration.

Restoration Process

"We believe that restoring pianos is an art and every piano should be treated as a masterpiece."

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Gulbransen Baby Grand circa 1949

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This Mason & Hamlin soundboard has a few cracks, but it's nothing we can't revive.  This piano sounded better than the Steinway "B" it was parked next to when it was done.

This pinblock is from a Kranich & Bach piano built around the turn of the century.  It was one of the more involved pinblocks we've seen.


As you can see, we had no problems reproducing the pinblock and the rebuild came off without a hitch.  This is an example of a good quality piano from a lesser-known brand.

A-Sharp has worked very hard to earn a reputation for integrity and attention to detail, and it shows in the results.

Many area piano professionals, even some rebuilding shop owners, have sent their most demanding and difficult rebuilds to us

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