Pianomation allows you to truly realize all of the potential of your piano, even if you don't play.  It's also great for entertaining.

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Pianomation system as packaged by QRS

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Pianomation Video

QRS Pianomation is a great way to enjoy any piano to it's fullest.  This modern version of the old time player piano has more whistles and bells than the old pneumatic style systems.  Pianomation is driven by a digital source compact disc, and comes with a variety of options including orchestration (speaker powered background musicians) which makes the piano sound like a live band.  It's also capable of a level of dynamic range unlike any other system, from a roar to a whisper.  This allows Pianomation to work appropriately in any situation. 

Pianomation can be retrofit into just about any piano.  It has a user-friendly interface much like a normal CD player and it's built to last for decades of enjoyment.  Please take the time to see the video below taken of a piano recently fit with a system in our shop.

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