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ã2005, A-Sharp Piano Rebuilding

   My name is Richard Pierro and I'm the owner/operator of A-Sharp Piano.  I have been employed full time in the piano services field since 1993.  I am enjoying my life with my wife Nancy and our two girls Dana and Kerry. 

   Some of my professional experiences include my apprenticeship in an accomplished rebuilding shop for over 5 years, followed by several more years developing A-Sharp.  Within that time the scope of my knowledge about pianos, woodworking and customer relations has widened greatly. 

   My technical skills include belly rebuilding, action rebuilding, refinishing, digital player installation, veneering, parts modification, regulation and tuning as well as on site repairs and voicing.  I have developed some of my own techniques for certain aspects of the restoration process and invented some creative improvisational repairs that have sometimes saved considerable amounts of money for my customers. 

   My professional philosophy is two-fold.  First I believe that a deal is only a good deal if it benefits both parties involved equally.  Secondly, I did not get into the piano service business to become a billionaire.  I do this to make the world a better place in my small way.  I've loved music and being a musician since I was a small child, and I'd like to help others have the best opportunity to enjoy music on a level of performance one can only achieve with a properly functioning instrument.

   Someday I hope to get the opportunity to make your piano a more enjoyable experience.